How Long!!!

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Hey all,

I made my booking for home learning with Bpp 2 weeks ago but have still heard nothing from them. I have called but they say that its in the process and i will be emailed once this has been done. Out of interest how long have people had to wait from booking to actually receiving their books?

Am i being really impatient? I'm eager to get started as i want to do 3 exams in June but the wait is killing me.




  • *Sarah*
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    I ordered ACCA books off the Kaplan website and had them within 2 days so this seems like a very long time to me
  • Paul24
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    Sorry for the bad news but I ordered a revision book for CIMA, and received an ACCA book three weeks later. This was followed by another AACA copy three days after this. After a further three phone calls, over the course of the next week, I received three copies of the CIMA book I had actually ordered!!

    They must be throwing money down the drain.


    PS.. I would recommend BPP to anyone as a quality study centre, however this is not reflected in their service to students regarding the supply of resources!!!!!!
  • crispy
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    Have had the same experience as the above and how have a proud looking collection of bpp aat text books for units I both did and did not take :001_smile:

    Maybe it would be easier buying the books from another source such as amazon rather than going direct through bpp? Having said this i still prefer their content over some other books, am part way through cima and cannot stomach their 'official' texts - I find the bpp text much more down to earth to follow.
  • Luflux
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    Thanks for your responses.

    In that case I'm going to give them another call in the morning, although they will probably blame it on the snow. Lets just hope they send me the right books.... eventually.
  • Greycow
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    I have alwyas had a good response when ordering the distance learning kits, they usually arrive within a week.
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