Unit 10 Problems

DannyP Registered Posts: 1 New contributor 🐸

Just a quick question. I am one of these leave it till last minute people and I have been doing my Unit 10 project but haven't handed it in yet.
My Due date for my tutor to check it off is next week but shes off sick. In fact shes been of for a few weeks now. I am nearly done with it but wanted to check with her whether it was good enough to pass the unit but as she wont be back till a few weeks after its due what should I do???
Our other tutor who doesnt get involved in the Unit 10 has mentioned that there may be an extension to our due date but has anyone heard if this is possible due to special circumstances??

I am not panicing because I am confident I am on the right track but just worried that I wouldn't have done enough to pass!!
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