Anyone doing the AAT as a result of being made redundant?

NickyB Registered Posts: 35 Regular contributor ⭐
Has it improved your career prospects?

A journalist has enquired so I'm trying to find someone.

Let me know by the end of today if possible.


  • lynn26
    lynn26 Registered Posts: 42 Regular contributor ⭐
    hi there yes im doing aat from being made redundant ,i on the final year of the course i started doing aat because i enjoyed figures in school and thought id change careers from a transport manager , at present in my work i only do about 20% accounts work . If i can be of any further help please contact me.

    many thanks
  • lynn26
    lynn26 Registered Posts: 42 Regular contributor ⭐
    yes i would say it have inproved my career prospects because when the staff off in our cash office i cover them and when staff off in the purchasing department they always call me from my postion in the company to cover them so in one way its great because i can do a few jobs within the company
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