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Hi all,

I've decided to post for some opinions as have things going round in my mind, maybe i'm crazy i don't know!

I started my homestudy for the AAT back in 2003 and everything was going well and at good speed, and then my dad got ill and i sort of drifted away from everything as my mind was on other things as expected. He passed away in 2006 and then i finally had a successful pregnancy and my son was born in May 2007, i did my FRA exam Dec 07 and then again unfortunate circumstances arised as i had a stoke early 2008 and it has taken me a while to get back to normal, i am now back studying ECR and planning to sit that in June and start Technician after.

I just have this niggling thing in my mind that it will put employers off me due to the long period it has taken to do my studies, i can't get it out of my mind, for some reason! I mean obviously in between things i have revised everything several times so i have solid knowledge up to where i am now, i am determined to finish this course i don't mind how long it takes!

Just wandered on how others would see it as there has been big gaps in my studying? Sometimes i feel like a failure and that i should of finished this course a long time ago, and it makes me so frustrated!

What do you think? I won't be offended if you think i'm mad!!


  • Gem7321
    Gem7321 MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 1,438
    Employers aren't monsters! I'm sure they'll understand your personal circumstances, and I actually think they'll be impressed with your willingness to complete the course.

    Good luck with the studying :001_smile:
  • burg
    burg Moderator, FMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 1,441
    To be honest most are finding it hard to find appropriate positions and will not help your cause.

    However from my experience it is more about how you can demonstrate your knowledge.

    Assuming you don't search for work until you have qualified, you could just out the date you passed AAT on your CV???

    You also do have relevant reasons for the gaps in your study and this could be explained at an interview!

  • purple19m
    purple19m Registered Posts: 92 ? ? ?
    Thanks so much for your replies, they are appreciated.

    I am waiting until i'm qualified until searching for a job role, I am planning to have another baby by middle of next year, so am going to use the time until then to finish my course and them embark on my new career within accounting after that, this way i know i won't be having any more long breaks that are planned like maternity, only want two children!

    So i will just put my qualified date on my CV for the course, thank you.

    I think after my next maternity leave i will write to all my local accountants, fingers crossed it may lead to some work experience if anything else.

    I am determined to start my new career, just keep thinking of the feeling when i finally get there!

    Thanks again for your time :001_smile:
    PAMDILL Registered Posts: 721 ? ? ?
    Are you working at all even in non-accountancy? If so then you can always have that job on a CV along with your studies and then there is not much likelihood of quesitons being asked.
  • blobbyh
    blobbyh Registered Posts: 2,415
    Depending on the role, experience is as important as qualifications so I really woudn't worry. I can't imagine any potential employer even looking at the disparity of the dates as they'd likely be more focussed on whether you're competent or not to do the job.
  • purple19m
    purple19m Registered Posts: 92 ? ? ?

    Yes i am working part time doing a customer service role and had a few full time roles doing admin before this so hoping these would be both good work experience on my CV, they are well known companies too.

    Hopefully employers will be just interested in my work experience and the fact i had completed my course, and hopefully there will be more job oppportunities by the time i qualify.

    Thanks so much for your replies, i feel so much better now, i know it seems like a silly thought but things just niggle at me sometimes! Mad!
  • reddwarf
    reddwarf Registered Posts: 528
    Just wanted to say those circumstances are significant events and would have stopped some people in their tracks (me included). To be completing your studies is a huge achievement with those hurdles, so don't beat yourself up, congratulate yourself everyday.

    If you have AAT on your CV, you don't have to state how long it took and if it comes up in an interview - what a demonstration of commitment and determination it shows to have completed your studies. Any employer should want someone with those qualities!

    You've got my admiration!
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