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I have just purchased Moneysoft payroll. I've set up a couple of clients - Client A and Client B.
When I select "File, Open" I can see client B, but not Client A.
Both Clients appear in the Recent Files list.

I think I must have saved Client A in a different location, so I need to save it again in the default location. But I can't see a way to select the location of the saved file, or to find out where the Client A file was saved.

Can anyone help?

Also, what does that "yellow square, red arrow" icon mean in the recent files list?

Thank you


  • deanshepherd
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    Hi Sheelagh

    Moneysoft files end in .pay. If you do a file search for *.pay then you should be able to locate the file. You can then just cut and paste it into the right folder.

    The yellow box with the red arrow indicates the last file that you had open.

    If you havn't done so already I would suggest going to >Tools >Set up >Folders Tab and make sure the 'Use standard windows file open box' is checked. I found the alternative open box awkward to use.

    Hope that helps.
  • sheelagh
    sheelagh Registered Posts: 133 ? ? ?
    thank you Dean

    Found it!
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