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Hi im ddoing technician level....

and was wondering if anyone could forward me their msp report...

ive pretty much done mine but the teacher said it has to be formatted with numbered paragraphs and things. hes not really helping me and telling me how arrrghh

i just want to get this stopid report out the way with so that i can concentrate on the upcoming exsm msterial

my email add is

Kind regards


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    You may not be aware that your request constitutes cheating and that anyone sending you their report could be sanctioned in the same way as you.

    I can quite understand that your request is innocent, but I wouldn't want you or any well meaning forumite to be reprimanded.

    Here is a useful email address:

    Numbered paragraphs could mean 2 things in the context of the unit 10 project:
    1. paragraph numbers, these are normal for formal reports
    2. cross referencing to the Unit 10 performance criteria, range statements and knowledge and understanding
    1. Paragraph numbers
    I think a google for "academic report" would help. Here a series of University study support documents can be found.
    An Example Report. Elizabeth Gadd. Academic Services Manager. Loughborough University Library.
    An Investigation into the design of a Personal Development Portfolio for clerical and Managerial Staff at Enfield Community Care NHS Trust
    2. Mapping
    I have copied this:

    All performance criteria, range and underpinning knowledge must be covered and the report must be referenced to the standards in some way.

    You can reference it in the margins, or in the contents and /or cross reference it against a grid.

    However, as it is common business practice, the AAT recommendation is that you number every section, and each paragraph in every section.

    You start with 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 the next section would be 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 then 3.1and so on.

    These paragraph numbers should then be entered on the student record against the appropriate performance criteria, range or knowledge statement. In that way you can ensure that you have covered everything, and you can direct the assessor and verifier to where these have been evidenced.

    from: AAT Report Writing Guide page 24
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    thanks u`for your help:-)
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