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Hi all
My tutor send me "well done on passing the exam"
How could he know before the Date?
I am not sure if I passed, that give me a hope
Getting nervous


  • Chris023
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    our Tutor said that they find out a few days before the exam results are released (last Friday I think)

    However they are not allowed to disclose the exam results to students as per the AAT, if they do and are reported they would prob loose the facility to receive them early
  • A-Vic
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    Can someone confirm when the results are avilable please?
  • carrieclarke2001
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    exam results

    Emails start arriving Monday evening. If you have signed up to receive them by email. Or they are on the website Tuesday.
    Hope that helps.
    P.S Yes your tutor will already know by now but should not tell you
  • A-Vic
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    me and my tutor have communication problems as it is so cant see him giving results anyway
  • Poppy
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    Nervous now

    Starting to get very nervous now, just want it over. Didn't help that the web site crashed for a few hours as then you start to worry if you'll get your results.

    As you found out from your tutor I wonder if it's worth me contacting mine or should I just wait patiently. Had no idea the tutors know before us.....
  • A-Vic
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    Cant remeber what time last year the results were given - however i had to wait for them to be posted on site

    Good Luck all
  • spurschic1@yahoo.com
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    My tutor did tell me he would probably get my results on Friday but would get into serious trouble if he let me know what they were. I'm an impatient person but we've got to stick with the rules boo lol!

    Good Luck all!:thumbup::thumbup:
  • Pinkjo
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    Right, I'm getting nervous now :001_unsure: I've had a look at the answers that have been posted - trouble is I can't remember what I put now :confused1: Good luck everyone :thumbup:
  • any2002uk
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    strange, today is monday but in website information they said the result will be appear on tuesday at 9am, how can email arrive on monday evening not tuesday morning? i signed up email already and i don;t think so they arrive monday (today) they arrive tomorrow. so i will be ready and waiting for email at 9am!
  • cal2122
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    The emails will be received before 8am on Tuesday morning, last year for the PLB foundation exam they were emailed out on the Monday evening. My email arrived at about 6.30, that is why we are all waiting nervously for the emails to start arriving...good luck.
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