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Hello all,

I suppose i should be posting this on the ACCA website but thought i might try here first.

I successfully passed my AAT Technician in June 2006, i then went on to Uni to study a degree in accounting and finance, sadly i failed my first set of exams (i think due to getting chicken pox and having a 4 month old child) i did attempt a resit but by that time had lost the motivation to carry on. Since Sept 2007 i have been working in a school as a finance assistant.

I have now decided that i would like to complete the ACCA qualifaction, they do this at my local uni on a part time basis, as i don't think i have got the motivation to do it at home.

So what i am really asking is what do i now need to do? Do i have to have a minimum amount of work experience before i can sit any exams? do i have to take the exams in any sort of order?

Thanks in advance.


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    Hi Smegs

    Try asking your question over on

    You may not get a reply straight away as the ACCA exam results for the December sitting have just been released today and it seems people have done quite well this sitting so, one or two headaches in the morning!!


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    You dont have to have any work experience to begin.

    You do need to complete 3 years in order to gain the full qualification. If you have not done this by the time you have passed all exams then you will have affiliate status until you do gain the experience.

    You can usually gain exemption from F1, F2 & F3 for passing AAT but I believe the timescale is you must have passed AAT withinthe last two years.

    Try looking here

    You can then register as a student and start sitting exams.

    You need to complete the Fundamentals level before attempting the Professional level, you can sit a maximum of 4 exams at each sitting and have ten years to complete the qualification.

    Hope this all helps

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    Thanks both for the replies.
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