UNIT 10 project - Premier Office Supplies

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I'm doing the case study 'Premier Office Supplies' for my project.

I just wondered if anyone else is using the same case study and what section they are basing their project on.

I'm considering either 'Purchases and Supplier payments' or 'Payroll and personnel records'. Anyone else doing these? If so does anyone have any pointers?

In 'Purchases and payments' I have picked up on the point that more people need to be paid by BACS and that the cheques could have printed sigs on and then the signatories put one signature to approve them which will save signing cheque after cheque. I can't seem to pick up on anything else.

If anyone could help in any way I would be very grateful. I just need to get started and once im up and running I hope I will be ok but I am just finding it really hard starting off.

Many Thanks


  • victoriana
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    Unit 10

    I too am doing the Unit 10 project - unfortunately not the same one. But I just wanted to say that I had the same problem with getting started. I am now in a position to hopefully hand it in next week, so not bad once you get going.
    I found the AAT site helpful especially for the Case Study.
    Good luck!
  • dobbieobby
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    Colin, I have no idea about this project as I'm not there yet. But in our company we have different Managers signing off different amounts of cheques. For example, our FM is ALWAYS here and can sign up to £5000, anything over this must be signed by the MD. You could use that maybe??
  • George Tse
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    I did the same case study the number is D 1989 rite ?

    Well You could do both as a recommendation I did 2 you see I did the Credit controller bit and the payroll bit too :D

    hope this helps

    Kind Regards
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