The answers have been posted

I'm now even more scared...


  • Poppy
    Poppy Registered Posts: 105 ? ? ?
    Sorry what do you mean the answers have been posted...
  • sarahwilson
    sarahwilson Registered Posts: 567
    I'm not looking at them, I don't want to see how badly I went wrong.
  • dobbieobby
    dobbieobby Registered Posts: 231 ? ? ?
    On here, they've put the answers under 'past exams' and the report on the exam about how well/bad we did.
    Someone put an end to this misery!!!
    [email protected] Registered Posts: 94 ? ? ?
    I can't remember what I put arrgghhhh! Oh well hopefully an hour to go. Good Luck all!
  • dobbieobby
    dobbieobby Registered Posts: 231 ? ? ?
    Dunno if it was a good idea at the time, but I printed off the exam as soon as it was on here and re-filled it all in trying to remember exactly what I put. Section 2 is complete pants.
  • rachy1975
    rachy1975 Registered Posts: 366
    i cant remember any of the answers i out.....mmm not good!!!
  • cal2122
    cal2122 Registered Posts: 9 Regular contributor ⭐ ? ⭐
    Before I left work this afternoon I looked at the answers and thought OMG I got the first question wrong and the rest just looked so alien...when I got home I checked them again (just in case!). Turns out I had been looking at the June 08 answers which is why nothing looked familiar! Still can't remember what I wrote for any of the questions except the first one, at least I have got one right!!! Silly tart!!:lol:
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