ECR Results - Crewe

Has anyone from South Cheshire College got their ECR Dec 08 results by e-mail yet? I haven't heard yet...


  • twinmeister
    twinmeister Registered Posts: 122 ? ? ?

    Blimey - no sooner did I press post, but I received the e-mail with the results.

    Much to my total disbelief I have passed this most dastardly of papers. How on earth did this happen? Best not to ask, I'm just grabbing the pass mark and running!

    Was dreading June re-sit. Now I can actually concentrate on understanding FRA properly.Sooooooooo relieved.

    Hope everyone else has passed too.
  • tamlaj212002
    tamlaj212002 Registered Posts: 4 New contributor ?
    whoo hoo I Passed.......was not expecting that, set me self up for the resit in june....good luck too still waiting
  • mickeymacca
    mickeymacca Registered Posts: 31 ? ? ?
    Well done twinmeister, I remember discussing the exam with you in December, I passed as well.
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