Hi everyone,

How much would you expect to be getting paid at AAT technician, (passed 2 out of 5 exams) 6 months to go! Passed every exam first time, with 1 and a half years experience in a small accountancy office preparing accounts and tax returns, payroll etc. in the North West, mon-fri 9-5 with tuesdays being day release to go to college?

I'm hoping for around 14k




  • Andrewh26
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    Should be able to get something closer to 18k I would have thought, I've been doing purchase ledger so far and I'm now one exam off completing AAT, and I did go for a sole purchase ledger role in Manchester, paying about 17k. In London, I was a temp on £12 an hour, and would have been on 23k there had I stayed and gone permanent in that role in London, didn't work out for me for various reasons. This time, at least.
  • brett316
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    Thats probably not true. It all depends on where you live really, you shouldn't have a problem getting 14k but I doubt no more than 17k and when/if you carry onto ACCA, CIMA etc it will be like you are starting all over again anyway so wages probably wont increase much but you also are likely to have the benefit of fees being paid for you which amount to about £1500-2000 a year or so.
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