PAYE and Self Employed - how much tax I need to pay?

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Hello all,

My husband is thinking to start his own business and at the same time to work in other company as normal employee. As I know he has to register with HMRC by the end of his third month of self-employment.
So I am thinking how it will affect his normal job PAYE taxes? I know if you have two jobs at the same time your tax code is changing and you have to pay more tax on your salary. Will HMRC will change his tax code on his normal PAYE?



  • jilbo
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    No they won't change his PAYE code because he's self employed. If after 5th April 09 his tax liability is less then £2k and he files before 31.12.09 he can opt to pay the tax through PAYE for the tax year 2010 - 2011, otherwise his PAYE code remains the same.
  • Rasa
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    Thanks, jilbo :)
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