Problem printing statement of acheivement

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I logged on to my AAt and tried to print off my statement of achievement. Several times i got an "HTTP 500 error from apache Tomcat".
Then just now it has opened a new page showing someone elses statement of achievement???
This isnt the only problem this morning as I have also received an email addressed to my email address but content of the email is addressed to a member in practice ( wont name names!)
Something is very wrong here.


  • James Cristiano
    James Cristiano Unregistered / Not Logged In Posts: 48 ? ? ?
    Statement of Achievement service

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    Over 4,000 student members have successfully used the Statement of Achievement service today, but we have had two other reported cases of people experiencing similar difficulties. In order to give this the due attention it deserves we have temporarily removed the service to allow us to undertake appropriate investigations. We hope to have resolved the problem and restore normal service soon. In the meantime, student members who sat AAT exams in December 2008 can still view their results at

    At this time we believe that the email you received in error is linked to the same Statement of Achievement issue.

    Thank you for your patience whilst we work to resolve both of these for you.
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