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I vowed I wouldn't go with BPP for the advanced stage but got lazy and brought Unit 5. Same old problems no one available to speak to when you come across a problem. I don't want to have to wait 2-3 days to get an answer to a question as then there is 2-3 days of study gone.

So I am cutting loose, and starting with someone else. From reading the various posts seems to be the best customer service comes with the smaller companies. Downside is you have to buy the whole level up front. I am definitely edging towards Eagle training, seems very impressive. Has anyone had any experience?


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    I did my foundation with Eagle and am currently doing the intermediate.

    They're great, very helpful and efficient at the main office and my tutor is really good. I get replies to the majority of my emails within minutes.

    Never had experience with "big" companies, so I can't really compare. All I can say is I'll be staying with Eagle until I complete my AAT and I'd recommend them to anyone looking to start out.
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    Thanks for the reply Ed1. I spoke with Sonya from Eagle, and was very impressed, coupled with the fact they write all the e-learning resources on this site, so knew I got on with their teaching methods.

    Signed up with Eagle last Thursday and received all my books and study pack this morning. Only skimmed though the StudyBuddy quickly but so far very impressed, much more input and information than the other study centre I was with.

    Think I am going to be very happy with them :thumbup:
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    I was swithering with leaving Kaplan and moving to Eagle Education but could not find where in Scotland you could sit the exams if studying with them.

    Where have you sat your exams with them?
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    Will sit as an external student for my exams. Think the exam centre I used last June accept external students fingers crossed, I'm in the south east so think there is a few.

    For simulations, I am going to approach my sons headmaster and see if I can sit them in school.

    Feel a million times better after making the decision to change providers. Even going to give corrie a miss tonight to do some study
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    Hi Pamdill

    We have other students studying in Scotland so there are centres that will accept external candidates. I'm not sure whether you can get a list from the AAT just to put your mind at rest.

    (Eagle Tutor)
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