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Congratulations again to everyone who passed.

I passed DFS and PTC. Just two more to go to MAAT.

Does any one know what work experience log you need to get MAAT?

How long?etc or is it not the same as ACCA.

Can anyone advise??



  • anniem
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    Hi Gill

    I have started putting my work experience onto the aat website. You need 52 weeks which can only commence during the time you are a student member, but I'm not sure how it's calculated.

    To give you an idea; I became a student member at the end of Nov 07, I work 25 hours a week of which more than 50% is accounts based, so when I submitted my evidence it covered the period end of Nov 07 - end of Jan 09 and I now have 43/52 weeks work experience covered, so I only need another 9 weeks.

    I asked our company accountant to certify my work experience, as he audits our books annually, the work experience page on needed his title, qualification and email address. Within a couple of days I received an email to advise that my experience had been accepted.

    It's all do-able online and really straight-forward, so just get on and put your info in! Once you pass all your exams you can just apply for MAAT straight away (I think/hope!).

    FMAAT - AAT Licensed Member in Practice - Pewsey, Wiltshire
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