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Anyone the same on this one???

I sat both above in December and once finished the MAC i came home went onto the forum and after 3pm (i think) we started chatting about it, we all compared answers on the majority of the questions and we all said that same things...? yet i passed stage 1, but failed stage 2?? did this happen to anyone else?? i felt for sure that i had done enough and with everyone else agreeing i thought surely we cant all be wrong???

same for BTC.... i had thought about the appeal process but £43 for each paper is a bit steep, and if no change in results then i will need to pay the same again for June's re-sits!!

am i on my own on this one or do others feel the same???

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    I took MAC, and felt quite happy with it when I left the exam room, then came home and looked at the boards. Must say, the more I saw everyone else's answers, the more I felt as if I had probably failed - although could not remember all the answers I had given.

    Got the results on Monday - and I had passed. I was in the exam for three hours, and was writing all the time, making sure that all my workings were shown clearly, and waffling on on a few answers. I am guessing that where I may have got a question wrong, I picked up points from my workings.

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