Dfs unit 11 / pev unit 8 books

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Hi everyone.

Please help me, i would like to know which books are the best for DFS and PEV ( BPP OR OSBORNE ) ? I have been using Osborne books . I have failed these two subjects so many times and have lost hope . Although i am studing on my own as a private candidate i feel its now time to give up and i am only left with them to get my LEVEL 4 certificate.

I have always passed section 2's but this time i have passed section 1 on DFS and failed both sections on PEV. I have been always expecting to pass as i study very hard though i have a full time job and study part time. I am now trying it for the last time in June. This has shuttered my dreams to study CIMA.

Thanks in advance ,
Miss B.:crying:
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