Help required for fellow Dipolma forum-er!!

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Hey fellow forum-ers!!!

First of all congrats to all the has passed their exams and better luck to those of us that failed maybe just the one section and have to retake again!!

My case is I'm a self funded, fast tracker Dipolma AAT. I took the Advanced Cert last June 08 and passed all the exams req. Then in Dec 09 passed BTC & PTC in one go but failed MAC. But its ok I anticipated to fail more!! So this June I'll take MAC & DFS along with the Unit 10 to complete the whole thing, which is in my whoe time-frame of planning.

Now with v basic experience in Accounting, my key duties @ work inc:

[*]Financial recording of all goods/stocks received.
[*]Matching invoices & receipts
[*]Managing accounts paid and received.
[*]End of daily / weekly reconciliations.
[*]Weekly cash / cheques deposits.
[*]Maintaining up to date spreadsheets of takings analysis.

What positions am I looking to apply for?!?!?

I cam confused with the positions advertised, eg should I be looking for Accounts Asst or Accounts Clerk? And the nature of work invovled that ties in with my AAT knowledge.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks for you help in advance.

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