Choosing options for technician level!

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Hi, I have just passed my intermediate exams (FRA & ECR), and am now needing to choose my options for technician.

Has anyone got any advice as to which ones are the best to do?

I work in practise, and hopefully will be wanting to move onto ACCA/ICAEW afterwards, and I am unsure as to which ones will benefit me the most and whether you can gain exemptions from ACCA/ICAEW papers.

Any help would be appreciated. :001_smile:


  • clarebearoka
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    First of all congratulations on passing your exams.

    I picked both personal and business tax as I thought they would be a bit harder they would give me a better grounding for tax once I go on to ACCA. My tutor told me that the other options were more common knowledge but the choice is yours and depends how you like exams both tax's are external exams and the ther credit control and audit are simulations.

    You are exempt from the whole of the first year for ACCA.

    Good luck :001_smile:
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    Congratulations on passing your intermediate - and good luck with your choice of units for Technician
    I think it is for you to decide which ones are either going to stand you in good stead for your future, or which you enjoy doing. I am not sure that the standards are any different.
    I did the personal tax which I found interesting, but would also have liked to have done business but the college did not offer it. That might be a consideration for you too ? If you are studying at college.

    I have some books available if you need some - Osborne in good condition, once you know which units you are to do.:thumbup1:
  • NeilH
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    In terms of ACCA exemptions, it wont matter what AAT options you take - ACCA give the same three exemptions to all AAT qualifieds. For ICAEW you are exempt from the firts audit paper having done the AAT audit option and exempt from the first tax paper for having done both AAT options. In addition, AAT qualifieds (regardless of the options taken) can take top up paper for one of the ICAEW financial accounting papers instead of the full paper.

  • AdamR
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    NeilH is quite right regards ICAEW exemptions - if you do 3 the optional units of audit, personal and business tax at Technician, you will be exempt from five of the six exams that make up the Knowledge Level.

    The Financial Accounting Top-Up exam is a one hour paper that concentrates solely on Consolidated Accounts and the differences between UK GAAP and IFRS. This is an Application Level paper and although I passed it in December, the one hour time limit makes it severely time-constrained - spotting a mistake and trying to change it could be the difference between passing and failing; you just need to move on with that particular exam! That said, they all might be like that I guess, I'll find out in June!:lol:
  • Fion2412
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    Thank you for your advice, I am thinking that I will probably do the P tax & B tax, the only thing putting me off is that they are exams rather than simulations.

    I am yet to decide between ACCA & ICAEW when i get through AAT anyway.

    Thank you for your help, again. :thumbup:
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    I dont know if you did the cash management and credit control module in intermediate but for us it was part of Technician. Our tutors advised that if we wanted to do ACCA we should do both taxes and the cash managment module as they prefer this.

    Cash management is also a simulation which you wanted to do.
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    well if you can choise. choise wisely.....

    i never got the choice with my college.......gits !!!
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