Will i be going in blind

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Hi i was hoping someone could help me.

I have a decision to make and was hoping someone who is currently studying at this leevl could help.

I am studying Foundation level at the moment, and bcus i am moving providors i am able to begin at Intermediate level due to my experince without finishing Foundation. Would i be going into this having no clue on certain areas, (That would have been studyed in Foundation) or do you think i will be ok.
I deal with Accruals and reversald. prepayments etc at work, and the balance sheet, and reconciling the contrl accounts from the balance sheet. i just dont want to struggle at all, when i actually have the choice to complete foundation, and just set my self back a few months.

Thanks in advance



  • Gem7321
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    As long as you have a really clear understanding of double entry (which I'm sure you do based on your work) you'll be fine. But if you do struggle with something you must ask, whether that's your tutor or on here!

    Good luck with your studies!
  • A-Vic
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    all you have discribed you learn at imtermdiate anyway so i wouldn't strees it
  • mazzy
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    I started at intermediate as had worked in banks for years and had 5 years as a book keeper and knew what a debit and credit was - sounds as though you would breeze through intermediate level.
  • blobbyh
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    Well, it's a little more than that but if you can already produce a simple P&L and Balance Sheet from scratch with the underpinning knowledge (theory) of what it is you're actually doing then you should be okay with the Financial Accounting side of things.
  • RittyLeigh
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    Well thats the thing bobby, i dont! I just work from what someone else has given me!

    Thanks everyone else for having faith :001_smile:
    I just dont know!

  • sarahwilson
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    I didn't know how to a P&L at all when I started Unit 5 in October and I passed it in December, if you put the time in and practise it will come to you.
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