Unit 32 Clarke Homer Simulation

Hi all,

I am currently attempting the Simulation on Clarke Homer in the Osborne Book and I am on Task 3. There is a whole page for me to put my answer but I'm not sure what to write. I should contact the client to inform them of this and dont think a temping agency need to know financial information anyway so what else do I put?:confused1:

Cant wait to finish this Unit as it is not one of the most enjoyable ones!:laugh:


  • Lana
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    Financial information regarding clients is confidential. Therefore I should not disclose any information about my client to the local employment agency unless I have authorisation by the client to do so.

    In the current situation I would:

    • Contact the client and explain the situation
    • Obtain specific authority to provide the financial information to the local agency
    • Ask to give me authorisation in writing

    When authority to disclose has been received from the client I will give the requested information to the agency. I will make clear that this is for the use of the employment agency only and is given to help them to make a decision about supplying temporary staff to my client.
    I will state that the information is given without any financial responsibility on the part of myself or the firm for which I work.

    I hope its help
  • Lana
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    Let me know if you need any further advise on this unit as i just submit it for marking and sent to my tutor
  • jewels.p
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    Thanks Lana. Bet you get top marks if all your answers are like that. I am not very good at explaining things. I prefer the calculation parts of the course rather than the explanations! :laugh:

    Good Luck with your studies and thanks again :thumbup1:
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