In a quandry - advice please

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Well, where do i start.

I am out in Germany working as an 'accountant' for a large retail and leisure company. I have put the word accountant in quotes as the company work for are really behind with the times - i am more of a data input clerk than an accountant, but if they rename the job they then have to do job specs etc - so they cant be bothered.

So back to the main point...

I am going for an informal interview on Friday for another job. It is for a finance manager for a newspaper. It is only a weekly newspaper that distributes just for the forces families out here in Germany. Now i have spoke to the man who will be interviewing me. he says it is a maternity cover till June 09, but he has already heard off the record that the lady is not coming back. They had already offered the job to another lady who phoned about 10 minutes before me saying she cannot accept the job as she has young children and cannot find childminders. the new company work with sage and is more of a UK run company, and i would be doing a lot more than i am doing now.

So apparently i am the ideal candidate as I am studying and I am the treasurer for our local scout group.

My problem is, the company i am with now pay me quite a nice sum per hour, the new job would be less per hour and also less hours - although they are willing to increase the hours so i work what i work now. They seem to be bending over backwards for me before i start.

The new company work on a step system so when i have been there for 3 months i get more money etc. To get where i am now with my company i would have to work for 2 years to get the pay i am on now.

Do I
1) take the job (if they offer it) and loose about £200 per month
2) take the job but ask if i can start on a higher step due to my experience etc
3) stay where i am and not progress any further (except studies)

any advise would be really appreciated - i am chuffed that i have almost positivley got the job just by enquiring - but just a bit anxious as no-one likes to lose money voluntarily.




  • brett316
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    Sounds great new but I would still be a little wary if they are offering you the job just by enquiring and not really having a proper interview with other candidates, sounds a bit unprofessional.

    However by the sounds of it they are very willing to negotiate so if I were you negotiate, maybe ask about going up a pay step quicker if not straight away or something similar, theres no harm in trying.
  • taskey
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    Thanks, yes they will be doing a proper interview with me, Friday is just to eyeball each other and see if it is worth going ahead with the interview. it is through a local german employment agency which have to conduct the interview - all very confusing but it works different over here.

  • taskey
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    well, i have made a decision.

    I am not going for this job until it is advertised as a permanent position. I am not willing to put all what i have at risk. i am not confident that the lady whose job it is will not come back.

    Also, my hubby has been offered another job in another garrison. so we now have to make a decision as to move or does he just commute.

    Will stay where i am till June and hope they advertise the position again.

    Thanks anyway

  • Cullen
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    I think you have made a good decision. If they are not prepared to commit, you are right to be wary of any "potential" offer.
  • taskey
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    this way, as my job at the moment is very easy - i can concentrate on passing some simulations and exams. i have sat since 10 this morning and read through unit 8 books. i now understand quite a lot of what i have read.

    so i am going to use this to my advantage

    also, whilst idly chatting today i have found that there is another lady who has just passed AAT and is now doing CIMA and she is more than willing to help me with my AAT when and if needed


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