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went around a massive old building today with a view to converting to a pub/
town centre conference facility, no money, but we will have a rent
free period to start off and 15000 sq ft at 12 to 15000 rent, bus rates 4170 per year.
free period depends on what we spend on it. its scary, what does every one think about town centre night life at the mo with the cred crunch, it also needs alot doing to
it. i think poss its abit much for us.


  • rachy1975
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    i think it really depends on what type of punters you partner is a nightclub manager focused on students and it has made no difference to his night club....its packed every weekend. if you were aiming at families etc you may struggle??!!
    but i may be wrong.....
  • jkc
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    thanks for your advice that sounds like a good idea
    just feeling a little bit over awed by it all at mo
    all ideas are welcome.
  • rachy1975
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    no probs but im not an expert....i live in bristol which is always busy no matter whats happening!!! maybe be do a bit of research into what people like...i saw on the news 1 pub that's doing okay (as they all seem to be closing at the mo) is because it has a wii partner and his GM and assistant mangers are going out tomor night to see whats busy etc to see if its worth putting another night on...
    good luck with what you do

  • jkc
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    i know what you mean, went out sunday, and town centre was dead
    it was raining tho. could do with going out saturday for the same reason.
    i like the wii idea.
    thanks again
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