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Hi there
would any of the mip please share their cpd plan? I am mip and would like to see what kind of style you use and wordings that could help improve my plan as i can't seem to satisfy with my layout.
I will send you mine in return to comment on it.

kachaloo (at) gmail (dot com




  • T J
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    Hi Jack

    I followed the AAT site's steps, starting with a SWOT analysis. Then it is fairly straightforward to see what you need to do from there.
    Put it on a spreadsheet so you can have a new worksheet for each element. Then print it off to send off at renewal time.

  • newme
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    Thanks TJ

    I have submitted my last two cpds as member but this time as mip I found that I have to plan more then usual.

    The template on aat is very basic and I would be happy to see an example of any mip template covering all Accountancy,Tax and Consultancy elements.

  • Sue
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    I have to agree that I found it very difficult to use the CPD Planner as an MIP. I emailed the AAT to ask for help but each time they either ignored that part of the email or promised to send me something which they neved did.

    I don't have a problem with doing the CPD I do some every day researching over the internet, I am studying ATT and I attend IAECW courses, the problem I had was trying to complete this on the planner and the additional admin it involved.

    I find that a lot of my CPD happens because of a query that I have with someone's books which can't be planned in advance.
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