Dissapearing HMRC offices?

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On 30th Jan I posted a corp tax return recorded delivery to HMRC's office at Warwick House, Newcastle. As the client couldn't get to me to sign the accounts that day I emailed the accoutns to them and they printed them out, signed them and posted them special delivery also to Warwick House. Today I've received the accounts back from HMRC saying that they couldn't accept them as there's no CT600. I've checked on royal mail and they confirm that the CT600 was never delivered.
On HMRC's website Warwick House is still listed as the address for Office 513 but the accounts were sent back from Aiden House. The phone number for Warwick House doesn't work any more (and there's no message to say what to ring instead).
Does anyone know whether the Corporation Tax section has now moved to Aidan House now? How are we meant to keep up to date with things like this? I managed to find a thing on HMRC's website back from 2006 saying that Warwick House had been identified as possibly being closed, but surely they should tell us when/if it does? And surely they should arrange to have mail and phones redirected!
If they impose penalties for late filing I'm not going to be happy!


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    JodieR Registered Posts: 1,002 Beyond epic contributor 🧙‍♂️
    Just come accross this from the 'Working together' update:

    'Over the next 12 to 18 months some customer records will move to new offices. You may wish to note that if your clients are affected we will tell them about the move. In the meantime, we may temporarily need to redirect some work so that we can maintain a good level of service during our re-structuring'

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