Charges for Accounts

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Can anyone give me a rough idea of what you would charge for a set of accounts for a recruitment consultant, he does £280k t/over and is a sole trader.
He wants s/l, p/l, and set of accounts?
I have really only dealt with self employed tax returns and a small business where I included the accounts within the annual fee.
Any advise is greatly appreciated.




  • Timmne
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    I'd charge a minimum of £300 for a set of accounts - FYI I charge around £120 for a tax return on top of that.

    What do you mean he wants s/l and p/l? What does he want you to do with them?
  • Peter W
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    What sort of records does he have?

    How many employees are there?
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    Charges for Accounts

    Hi Emma
    I've just finished working for my previous employer in a local firm of accountants and am in the process of becoming a licensed member in practice. One of my biggest clients was a recruitment company! Fees would depend on a number of factors essentially, the current method of record keeping, Tax & VAT no. of employees etc. This could all be established with an interview.
    In my experience, fees could reasonably be expected to be heading towards the £1,000 if not beyond, going by the level of turnover alone!
    If you need further assistance in this regard, then let me know otherwise hope this helps:001_smile:
  • Monsoon
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    Peter W wrote: »
    What sort of records does he have?

    That's key.
    You can't quote without knowing what his books and records are like.
  • esmith
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    The gentleman has turned up with his books, he has provided me with his s/l, p/l, cashbook, bank rec and payroll. The only thing I am missing is his fixed asset register.
    I have a copy of his last years accounts from his previous accountants.
    I assume that now I need to write to the accountants requesting all the information they have from last years accounts such as accruals, prepayments etc?
    Does anyone have a template to a previous accountant i can use as i dont have one? I have never had to deal with a previous accountant and hope this wont cause any issues?
    He says he is doing his own tax return so I assume he has done it this way in the past, its a new one on me tho!

  • Timmne
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    Isn't there a clearance letter on the MIP resources site? I might be wrong!
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