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JnClaude E Clifford
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I keep getting all these emails from Home Learning college about how great they are etc. wondered if anyone who did or attempt to do the course thought them.

Advice to others DO NOT USE THEM- HOME LEARNING COLLEGE you much better off saving your hard earned money. VERY EXPENSIVE COMPARE TO BUYING PER UNIT ELSE WHERE.

Buy the text from Kaplan DO NOT BUY THE COURSE. at this level most of the work can be self studied. Then register with AAT pay for your exams. Much cheaper. All the talk of tutor help, JUST A WAY TO MAKE YOU SPEND MONEY. this forum is better for advise than the tutors. MOST OF THE TIME THERE IS NO ROOM FOR DISCUSSION WITH THE SO CALLED TUTORS. THEY JUST REFER YOU BACK TO THE BADLY WRITTEN TEXT.

I passed both units with no help. all self-study.

Here's my reply to HOME LEARNING COLLEGE. I am also considering having the BBC watch Dog investigate them.

Dear Sheetal

I am sorry too put a spanner in the works. The feeling of many HLC students and myself is no thanks to HLC.

I had to buy text books from Kaplan because the text provided by HLC was badly laid out and badly written. I wonder if anyone from HLC listened to the concerns of students, because I found lots of online forum where student were very disappointing with your service and text etc. One on these forum being AAT.

I did pass Unit 30 and unit 5. After trying to convince people at HLC that i was ready to set unit 5 with on avail i did it by myself. Also The sales person is only interested in selling the course to you. With no interest in finding out what level one should start from(HARD SELL COMMISSION BASED) (NEEDs BBC WATCH DOG ON THEIR SCENT). From later advice and research I should have started at the Advance certificate level (diploma pathway).

JnClaude E. Clifford

Please keep the discussion going we must collect as much as possible to get BBC watch dog to investigate Home Learning College.


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    I signed up to them years ago to do the ICB course - nightmare of badly written text. I only used them as at the time they were the only ones doing the course as home study in Scotland. Was passed on to them by Stow College in Glasgow.

    I had to keep calling the tutor to check on stuff in the text books which did not make sense and they always turned out to be typos. Good job I had the work experience or I would have thought the books were right.

    Ended up ditching it part way through as so bad.
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