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I am currently using Iris software for Accounts Production and Tax but I am becoming increasingly frustrated because I can never get through to their helpline. I attended a Sage Roadshow yesterday where we were given a demonstration of the Sage 50 integrated suite. I was impressed and thought the software looked a lot more user friendly than Iris

I use Sage 50 for all my bookkeeping clients and am seriously considering converting to Sage for Accounts Production and Tax.

Has anybody had experience of Sage Accounts Production and Tax and Iris? It would be good to know of any problems with Sage before I make the switch.


  • Sue
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    Hi Anne

    I was wondering whether you made the move over to Sage Accounts Production and Tax and if so what you thought of it?

  • Hi,

    If you haven't switched to Sage, I would suggest VT Transaction. It's based around Excel and is easier to use. Reports are easier to produce and the accounts preparation is great. It is also far cheaper than Sage.
  • Sue
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    Which Tax Software do you use with VT Transaction? Is it straightforward to export the information?
  • The best person to speak to about Tax software is faerie9
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    Don Juan wrote: Β»
    The best person to speak to about Tax software is faerie9

    Thanks. Not sure why!

    We use VT Accounts for accounts production (enter a TB and it throws it into a perfectly formatted set of accounts.
    This can then export into FTax which we use for all tax returns.

    This combination works well and is excellent value for money.
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    We've been using Sage 50 for accounts and Taxcalc for tax prepration. These 2 work perfectly since we started our firm. Taxcalc is user friendly and the customer service also good. The down side is the price of the product.
  • Sue
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    Thanks for all the advice.

    I have noticed on other posts that VT Accounts, FTax and Tax calc are popular so I will look into them and see if I can download trial software.

    The reason I had been looking at Sage was I have always used Iris in the past, so I wasnt sure about using software that is not intergrated.
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    Hi Anne

    I am currently using Keytime's new Accounts Production. I have previously used PTP which is reasonably priced but a bit 'old fashioned' to look at. compared with Sage and IRIS Keytime is a pleasure to use. The price is very good too. All the above move data into Tax their production packages too. I agree that VT is probably the easiest to use for producing accounts and that will send data to PTP by copying to the clipboard and pasting.

    They all offer a free trial these days and it's a matter of finding one that works the way you think.

    Good luck
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