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I have successfully passed PCR & PEV in December, and will be sitting PTC, BTC, and DFS in June.
My tutor has informed me of the opporunities that follow the AAT. ie, ACCA, CIMA, and ACA. And I am interested in either CIMA or ACCA.
My current job is a temporary secondment and will end in July this year. My question is, that in June, if I pass all the exams and want to continue on CIMA or ACCA, will i need to wait until I have got another job in this accounting (hoping that the company will support me financially)?, or could I get a loan and start paying for the course myself?
My concern is that, if I wait until I am in a job that will support me to study further, this may mean that I may not have been studying for over a year and therefore, may have forgotton everything.

Would love to hear of any similar experiences that peolpe have had, or some advice.



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    If you wanted to go to college then it can be very pricey, but I think that you should be able to continue.

    However I would say that it might be better to find a company first so as you can choose the qualification based on what the company want you to do, as if you do ACCA, for example, you may then struggle to get into places and maybe struggle to get funding for education from companies which want CIMA. Plus you would be able to ask people at work questions etc.
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    Thanks Gary

    Has anyone else got any suggestions please?
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    It doesn't have to be a full year without studying as both ACCA and CIMA do 2 exam sittings a year. So you couls start after Christmas if you find a new position, you could also choose which course you want to follow and start on home study without enroling. just to keep your hand in.
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    Thanks lessci, that is a good thought.
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