Memories - some of the best bits of Peugeot...

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Well, as Peugeot drives off into the sunset, he's being replaced by a sleeker, shinier model - the Scollings - turbo-charged and raring to go.

But before we watch this sleek little number slide into pole position, isn't it time we all reflected on some of Peugeot's best bits?

My faves:

When Peugeot and Baggy bribed Sandy to join the Study Buddy thread - it cost us a donation to charity - but hey, we're accountants, so we knew the numbers stacked up.

The time Peugeot and 190586 (a real cutie), spent the night on park bench and were ordered off by AH herself. I think alcohol was involved.

The final one? Well, that's a private memory - Peugeot, you gave me the ride of my life.


So, how will you remember Peugeot?

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