Free quizes for all units!

carla030698carla030698 Well-KnownPosts: 112Registered
Hi Everyone,

In my search for study books I have come accross some usefull resources on the Osbourne books website.
They have free quizes for all units and also blank forms/ Spreadsheets for practicing on! :thumbup:


  • lucysudslucysuds New Member Posts: 6Registered

    Thank you for telling us about this! I am studying distance learning and can do with all the practice I can get!!

  • mark130273mark130273 Font Of All Knowledge Posts: 4,234Registered
    i took a look and they look like they will help !!! cheers for that
  • ToffeemadblueToffeemadblue Well-Known Posts: 102Registered
    Me too, I tried the quiz for unit one which I passed in December and found it a really good revision aid, thanks for pointing out the resource Carla:001_smile:
  • mark130273mark130273 Font Of All Knowledge Posts: 4,234Registered
    i tried a couple of quizzes for the units im going to be doing in a couple of weeks and i got nearly all of them right........hope they are multi-choice in the exams ??
  • jilbojilbo Well-Known Posts: 197Registered
    Thanks for sharing that Carla :thumbup:

    I haven't picked up my text books since early November and thought I had forgotten everything but I've just scored 70% on DFS so it's not as bad as I thought.
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