Some suggestions needed!

John Cena
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Hi friends,

Basically i am at technician level in diploma pathway route.

My planning was to do Unit 11 and Unit 33 for the June'09 exams.

But my tutor suggested me to go for Unit 11 and Unit 18/19 now and do Unit 10 and Unit 33 next term after 6 months for Dec. sitting.

So need some suggestion what Unit i should go for now and next term, i need easy Units to get passed first and the harder ones later.



  • jilbo
    jilbo Registered Posts: 197 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    For what it's worth I sat the 2 tax units last year and found them fairly easy and will be sitting units 11 and 33 this June. I would say unit 33 has been the most difficult for me so far. However you may be much brighter than I am :001_tt2:
  • Greycow
    Greycow Registered Posts: 83 Regular contributor ⭐

    I have also been given the advice that if you sit 18/19 in June and unfortunately need to resit in December at least it will be the same tax year with no new rule to learn.

    Hope this helps
  • sue leslie
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    I am also on Diploma Route with premier training. My tutor has suggested sitting unit 11 and 33 in June. Unit 18 and 19 in Dec and doing my unit 10 project while I await the december results.
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