Unit 10 help please

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hi guys
i am starting my unit 10 project based on my work placement but i still dont know whats the purpose of this unit what we talking about here???:confused1: can please give some advise where to start from cos i havn't got clue sooooo :confused1:

thank you


  • Gem7321
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    The whole idea is that you're supposed to write a report to present to management on weaknesses in an accounting system, recommendations to improve the weakness, a cost vs. benefit analysis and an implementation plan.

    If you work in practice and you can't think of anything you are allowed to base it on a client - ie. do you have a client who uses a manual cashbook where they would benefit a lot more from using accounting software or even excel? Something like that.

    Have you discussed your ideas with your office mentor? They may be able to refine your ideas and offer you some new ones.

    I promise it gets easier once you've decided what you're going to base it on!
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    Dont know if youv notice it or not but the AAT have a help page for unit 10, with loads of guidance of what needs to be covered in your report.

    Maybe your boss or work collegues might have some ideas?
  • mahdi87
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    taa guys thanks for ur help i appreciate it
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