ECR Time frames?

Hi all,
I started Intermediate Level (Diploma) in early January. I am about 3/4 of the way through my folder for Unit 5 so well on track for the June exam.
However I havent started Unit 6 (ECR) yet atall as I wanted to concentrate, and enjoy more, Unit 5.
Does anyone think I have enough time between now and June to complete Unit 6 fully or should I leave it until December.
I do work full-time 5 days a week as well.

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.


  • Esme
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    I was in the same situation in September for the December exams. I just did FRA in Dec and am doing ECR this June. I didn't want to sacrifice what I had learnt in FRA by cramming ECR in also. I personally think it is easier to do one exam at each sitting at this stage, but depends if you think you can handle the pressure of two exams then you could do it.
  • jewels.p
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    I started the Intermediate Level in January too. I decided after discussing it with my Tutor to do Unit 5 in June and Unit 6 in December as I also work full time and did not want to cram it all in to the June sitting. This gives me more time to study for Unit 5 and my Skills Test on Ethics which I am doing shortly. Hopefully if I pass Unit 5 in June I will have the next 6 months to do my other Skills Test and be well prepared for the ECR exam in December.

    I thought this would be the best option for me.

    Good Luck :thumbup1:
  • katsutlieff
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    I am much the same, a little over halfway though Unit 5. I plan on doing the Professional Ethnics unit next, revise for the exam whole of May, and sit the simulation July before the school break out.

    Will follow the same pattern for the next two units. My tutor said the two simulation units aren't two long so best to focus on one exam per sitting and fit in simulations around them.

    Good Luck :thumbup:
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