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Hi there, Just checking am right on this. I am right in saying if you are working from home you can claim the £3 per wk plus usage of telephone and broadband or does the £3 covers everything?

Any ideas will be appreciated.



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    I was under the impression that you could claim 33% of your bills for using your home as an office. I could be wrong though.
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    Broadly speaking, if you are contractually obliged to work from home by your employer then you can claim £3 per week to cover additional household running expenses without the need to keep receipts.

    If the actual costs are more then you need receipts and a solid basis of apportionment.

    It does not cover telephone and broadband but unless your employer is reimbursing you then this, again, has to be a contractual obligation that you incur those costs and, if so, only the marginal costs.

    The rules for the self-employed are different and are essential an apportionment of total costs (not marginal) on a just and reasonable basis.

    Guidance notes here and here.
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    For self employed you both need to look

    and here

    If operating through a limited company then it will be a rental charge


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    Working from home

    I remember two very useful articles from accountingweb
    1)What expenses can I claim when working from home?
    2) Is Broadband allowable?
    with sitations of authority unlike many we come across.
    Sorry can't help with the link now.
    But can be found through search.
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    Thanks all for the useful info. once again thumbs :thumbup1::thumbup1:
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