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Has any one else noticed that the AAT completely fails to proof read any of its exams, exam answers or text books? I began this course in September and so far have found numerous errors in several AAT sources. Its a become a bit of a running joke in my class.
I was expecting a professional course and I find this quit ridiculous.



  • Gem7321
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    I must say I often find errors in the BPP books, and in AAT simulations, but I haven't had any problems with the exams.

    Which text books do you use?
  • Mike2000uk
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    I also have the BPP ones. The revision guide is the worst one with the answers containing duplicate ledger accounts with incorrect information. Considering part of the foundation level is checking for errors you would think they would put this into practice.
    Several of our practice devolved assessments, which i believe are passed papers, have errors. It can be confusing because it makes you unsure whether you should not record a certain document or if its an AAT error!

    I wonder what the AATs reply to this would be? I'm sure it must have been brought up before.
  • Gem7321
    Gem7321 MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 1,438
    The worst BPP books I had were for intermediate I think, the main part of the book was current, but when you flipped to the back for the answers they answers were to the questions in last years books! Our college typed up answers to questions that were given to us at college, but it meant we couldn't revise at home.

    Didn't use BPP books again!
  • Mike2000uk
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    So is it BPP that is causing the problem with the text books? I still find it hard to believe that the AAT would allow these books out without checking them over first. Which books do you use?
    I'm really quite annoyed about this because I have paid a lot of my own money to take what I thought was a professional course.
    It doesn't help that my college is very poorly organised.
  • AdamR
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    I had a similar problem with BPP and ICAEW classroom material - the revision notes kept saying see section so and so and they didn't exist! They are produced in conjunction with the Institure though so I don't think it's all BPPs fault...
  • Gem7321
    Gem7321 MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 1,438
    I used Kaplan books for Technician and they were much better, but still had a few errors!

    I've always found the past papers from the website to be the best form of revision. I've never revised for an exam from the text books, I just don't trust them!
  • Dorset Student
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    I used BPP for Advanced Certificate and found the books full of mistakes. I did ask why there were so many mistakes, and got the answer " you can't expect the books to be 100% correct".

    I started in March, and knew that the same books had been used for students that had started the previous September, as one student had transfered to the March course and kept all his books. So I then asked my tutor if she was aware of all the errors as the books had been used for a previous course. I was thinking that BPP should be aware of these errors already, and even if they can not change them, they should at least tell the students, and also provide details of what is wrong. The answer I got to that was "I wasn't a tutor in September so do not know about the errors".

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