Diploma Home Learning - How Much Can You Do Alone?

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Hi everyone,

I was under the impression I could avoid the distance learning fees by picking up some second hand text books and going through old exam papers, then paying my local college (AAT approved) as an external student for my exams. I didn't realise there were Skills Tests. So now I'm a little lost.

I have read on this forum people took Units 5, 6 and 11 by buying the books and paying for the exams. Why have they not done so for the other Exam Units? Is there something special which needs to be done, or are they difficult to go at alone? I am in a lucky situation as my partner has just qualified and I get on very well with two of her Managers who are all willing to help me if I need it.

Now the local college is listed on the AAT website, but not on their external centre list. If I contact the college and they are willing to take me on - what do I do? To register on the AAT site you have to select a college, or governing body (BPP, Kaplan etc). Can I just fib and pick any distance learning provider - or do the AAT correspond with your choice?

Skills Tests could be sat at my partner's place of work - I work from home if I'm not on site (I work with construction) and as you all probably know, it's very slow these days. So time isn't an issue. Can I arrange these direct with the AAT, or do these have to be taken through a body? Kaplan and BPP have test centres about an hour away. However the local college is 10mins down the road.

If all the Exams can be taken using only the books and old exam papers (Units 5, 6, 33, 11, 18 & 19) that leaves 4 skill tests and a project. If it's £120 a module I am far happier paying £600 for these than around £1700 for the whole Diploma. Oh - can anyone confirm the exam entrance fees too please.

So really, how far can I go with just me and an AAT membership?

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