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hi all hope you can help me,

So i have been a MAAT for the past twelve months, im looking to start out doing some freelance work, only basic items, book keeping, Tax returns Etc,
im not 100% sure on whether i need to be MIP, im in full time employment as a Management Accountant.

Do i need to Have PI cover? or if only if i become an MIP?




  • Monsoon
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    If you do freelance work you have to be a registered MiP and carry PII.

    Also check your contract of employment that your employer doesn't mind you doing this work.
  • claudialowe
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    Speak to the MIP team, as there are some exemptions to being a "proper" MIP - from memory the turnover level is £5K pa, but I cannot remember what it exempts you from :confused1:

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