volunteer work in accounts?

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Apologies for a 'greedy' first post here.

I am currently completing the accounts for a club on a voluteer basis, but I handed in my notice at the end of last year.
I am failing in my search to find a replacement and wondered if anyone here would be interested, or could advise me on where else to look to find a replacement?

Here are the job details.
Role: Club Treasurer

Main tasks: Completing all aspects of the accounts (mainly sending payments, checking expenses, show/exhibition data, reconciling and year end). There are no salaried staff.

It is best suited to a person who has lots of free time (this is something I have struggled with).

The main purpose of the club is to raise funds to then pass onto a designated charity/trust (it's aviation related).

Location is not vital, but the person must be able to get to Bruntingthorpe (Leics) one Monday evening a month for a committee meeting.

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  • claudialowe
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    Hi Nicola

    I am sure that somewhere there is a volunteer website - where people advertise voluntary posts - sorry I can't remember the name, but google will probably help.

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    Hi Nicola,

    I"m very interested in a role like this, having had 'differences' with the car club I volunteered for the past few years.

    I also have a strong idea of what this club is and am already a keen supporter, if I"m right!

    However, as I teach on evenings, there wouldn't be a chance that I'd be able to make a meeting.

    Drop me a PM though if I can help!
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    volunteer work

    Dear nicola

    i am trying to find the volunteer work. i am intersting for that work could you tell me where is that location. i am live in hounslow

    Thank you very much for your help
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    I volunteer in Bury. I found it through the following link;


    It is an excellent site to find, submit and get in touch with the appropriately skilled and qualified people.

    You can post an advert on here too.


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