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I am starting up as a member in practice but am stuck as to what I should be charging so was looking for your opinions. For example, should I charge fixed rates for sole traders within a certain t/over threshold, or should I charge out at an hourly rate? I was thinking along the lines of £25 per hour. Is that reasonable for an AAT MIP to charge for bookkeeping services? What works best for everyone? The last thing I want to do is overcharge or undercharge clients. :001_unsure:


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    Bookkeeping: anything from £10-£25 per hour.
    Accountancy: At least £30 per hour.
    Taxation work: More. £75-100.

    In our practice we charge £22 for bookkeeping and £55 per hour across the board for accounts and tax, with a higher rate for more complex tax work, or if specifically billed per hour (the majority of our work is done on fixed fees).

    In my experience it's more common to charge per hour for bookkeeping and a fixed fee for accounts/tax work but every practice varies.
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    All depends on were your business is based. We are in the North West and found when starting up that as we were able to offer fix fees we gained numerous clients who were previously with Chartered accountants, who charged hourly rates.

    Now that we have established a solid client base we still charge fixed fees, however we now quote new business at a higher rate than existing clients and try and increase existing clients fees by 5% every other year.
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    Charges for accounts


    I charge £17 per hour for bookkeeping, between £175 -£250 for sole trader accounts and tax return and between £400 - £500 for limited company accounts and CT600.

    Hope this helps

    Edit: I'm in East Anglia
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    I charge £20.00 per hour for bookkeeping in the south west bristol area which i think is about right. Most people normally charge between £15-£25 for general bookkeeping.
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