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Trade debtors control account

Tanya669Tanya669 New MemberRegistered Posts: 5
If any one could axplain to me in what circumstances would a non trade debtors control account be used?


  • Paul24Paul24 Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 578
    VAT Control Account
    Wages Control Account

  • columbiacolumbia Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 580

    A rent account would be a good example, I vaguely remember being asked this on my Foundation paper a few years ago.

    You may have spare premises to rent out, so a non-trade debtors account would be set up to show the rental transactions. It wouldn't be a trade debtors account as it's most likely the monies being paid in rental have no bearing on the products being sold by the company.

    Hope this helps!

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