Level 3 in 3 months!?

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I am about to start level 3 studying with FBT Global.
I went to my intro lesson this week and found out that by just doing an evening course I will only be studying for one exam in June. I also have to attend on a Saturday to study for the other exam.

I was just wondering how much pressure I am putting on myself by starting now and taking both exams in June.

I'm not a thick person and am willing to put in the study time and effort.


  • Ed1
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    It depends how much time you have left in the week to study after your Saturday and evening classes. If you're working full time then I'd say it would be quite tricky, although I'm loathe to say impossible.

    I'm doing FRA and ECR in June and I've been studying for them at a reasonable pace since January - if I had to start studying now for both of them I know I'd be pushing my luck greatly.

    It also depends how competent and comfortable you are with the material and whether your current job relates to what you're studying.

    You have until the end of April to enter the exams, so if I were you I'd start with the FRA now and see where you are in 6 weeks' time - you can make your final decision then.
  • angharadmai
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    I started studying for FRA and ECR around this time last year, and sat both exams in June. I am studying via distance learning, so had no classes to attend, but I do work full time.
  • Ell1e
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    I work full time aswell. I have some good experience working in an accountants and now work in an accounts related role in trade.

    I'm sure if I put the effort in, which I am willing to do in the time I will be ok :001_unsure:
  • Ed1
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    I'm sure you will be ok if you put in the time. The nice thing about the April 30th cut-off is that you'll have a pretty good idea by then if you're on track or not.

    Good luck with it.
  • taskey
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    if you go and look through some previous exam papers you will see where you are at and then see if you will be able to manage it or not.

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