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Just wondering if there is somebody out there who deals with clients who sell and buy stuff on ebay etc... just checking is there any complications in doing the accounts, only i have got a potential clients and i know they deal with ebay, i dont want to go and see him for the 1st time and blow it up:huh:. Is there anything in particular i need to watch out for or need to be aware off for those with experience in this field?



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    If they do not keep separate records make sure that they print off all of the pay-pal bank transaction reports not just the summarised bank statements! Or you will have problems reconciling sales invoices to sales receipts and payments to suppliers, refunds and dare I say it 'private purchases' I always have problems getting the right information for the payments side of paypal accounts from clients.

    I find these virtual shops quite time consuming and so make sure you cover your charges sufficiently and allow enough time.

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    Poodle thanks for your reply, I am glad i posted this message here, now at least i have got an idea of how to approach this issue.:thumbup1:
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