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I have just opened my e-mail about entering online and am hoping to sit the DFS (Unit 11) exam in June.

I get three options for DFS exams when I try to enter online:

DFS - Drafting Financial Statements (AP, I &C)
DFSH - Drafting Financial Statements (NHS)
DFSL - Drafting Financial Statements (Local Govt)

My instinct is go to with the first option, but I can't see anything in my DFS from Kaplan to confirm which ones of these it is. Does anyone have any idea where in the textbook it should say if it's "AP, I & C", "NHS" or "Local Govt"

^It would perhaps help if I knew what AP I & C stood for lol. I can't see anything on the sales invoice from Kaplan either. I'll prob have to drop them an e-mail lol.




  • AdamR
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    AP, I & C is Accounts Practice, Industry and Commerce I think. It's the standard version that most students take. The other two are only really relevant to students working in those fields.
  • mi|kshake
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    Brill! Thanks for your help - that makes more sense now!

    Thanks again for your quick response!

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