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Hi Guys

Hope you are all well! I need some advice please....(sorry when I read it back I appear to have rambled a bit!):001_unsure:

The company I work for has had 2 large retailers go into administration owing the company thousands of pounds, as Iwork for a small company we will struggle to recover from this blow. I have only been under the threat of losing my job for a couple of days, but I have today been offered a bit of a lifeline, which is why I need the advice.

I know someone who owns numerous businesses, and today he offered me some part-time work to do from home, when I mentioned that I might not have a permanent job for much longer he has offered me the chance of working for him, same hours, pay, college release etc, but he has also said that if my current company manages to stay afloat, perhaps I would like to continue working for them a couple of days a week, and the same for him-either way he wants to offer me employment.

Now, not sure which of the above routes I would take until I have spoken to my employers tomorrow, but during my normal job, I also do the accounts for another of my employers companies which will still continue to trade, and I would like to still offer to do this for them from home.

Now, sorry this is a bit long winded, but would it be best to be employed by the new company, and work self employed for the old company, or pay tax at BR on the job I do the least amount of hours for?:confused1:

Any help always appreciated.

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