Explanation required.

MOHMEDSALIM PATEL Registered Posts: 184 πŸŽ† 🐘 πŸŽ†
Is there anyone who can explain ?

In dfs i am doing reconciliation of profit from operating activities to investing to financial activities.

I can do easily up to cash used in [from]operation but find difficulties while calculating cash used in from investing activities.

Is there any easiest way to remember ?

Thank you in advance


  • Steve Collings
    Steve Collings Registered Posts: 997
    I wrote an article on IAS 7 'Cash Flow Statements' which might help you.

  • Julia
    Julia Registered Posts: 78 πŸ’« 🐯 πŸ’«
    There is no "easy" way to remember what constitutes investing activites or such other items of outflow, the only way is to do as many questions as you can in order to get used to the style of questions you will be asked in the exam though steves article link will help you.

    Which material are you using? Also are you doing a revision course?

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