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Seem to be popping up all over the place at work, and there's now talk of banning them.

Which is probably fair enough, when people can't hear you, or phones, or maybe the fire alarm...

But is it really something thats ok to use in works time?


  • rachy1975
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    i wouldn't of thought so...wouldn't look very good if visitors came in ....quite ignorant as well.
  • Gem7321
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    I agree, it's very unsociable and would look unprofessional in front of clients
  • Cullen
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    I work in an open office, not accessible by outsiders, ( a local office for local people..)

    I am a lot older than most of the other staff and have differing musical tastes. I allow the radio on during the day as I believe that it can help the day pass more quickly and help us plough through our duties more easily.

    However, I am driven up the wall if I listen to radio 1. I think it is my age and I am sure I was the same thirty years ago. To retain my sanity I listen to my ipod. It helps me to isolate myself from the rest of the office and is a brilliant help when I have a task that requires me to focus. It blocks out the inane drivel on the radio that makes me lose concentration. I do not have it so loud that I am unaware of the phones or people talking to me. I do not use it all day but only when I have an important piece of work to do or Chris Moyles show is on.

    I would object to my staff using an ipod if it interfered with their work or our office was open to the public. I think if it helps, doesn't interfere with duties, well why not?
  • Jon_1984
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    I think it depends on the role you are carrying out - the Lady that creates all our marketing flyers etc. seems to produce her best work with headphones in and all other distractions drowned out. If I am trying to concentrate on stock costing or something with greater complications I will simply put on my phone headset and suddenly find the sales team can answer their own questions.....whereas it is the sales teams job to answer the phones etc. so IPODs would be inapproriate, likewise with warehouse staff who share space with electric (almost silent) forklifts, although many warehouses are now saying you can use them but only with one earpiece in to get around radios and PRS breathing down their necks.
  • rachy1975
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    it does depend where you work...i just wouldnt personally wear them as id be to paranoid about someone creepin up on me!!! lol
  • PGM
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    Interesting, opinion seems equally split!

    Although I think the split is the same as the way usage is split. Some people use them to help concentrate and some people to help take their mind off the boredom of their job.

    And this is what makes the decision a hard one to make?!

    Is it me or does there seem to be a growing number of people that think work should entertain them?
  • mark130273
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    i say as long as they are low enough that it doesnt effect there work or fire alarm call etc ...

    cant see why not......the girl who worked in my office had one on friday and we both seemed to get a lot more work done......
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