Bookkeeping hourly rate - what to charge?

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Hi there,
I have just qualified in AAT and somebody has asked me to do their bookkeeping for them. Does anyone know what the going hourly rate is for me to charge?
Also, he has asked me to train up his wife at the same time (she is currently doing the AAT course) and i think the books might be in a mess, would you charge a one off fee for sorting them out?

Many thanks for any help!


  • Anne Boleyn
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    Bookkeeping charges

    Hi Emma

    I think that charges tend to depend on the area you are based in. I'm in Suffolk and you can be looking at anything between £15 - £25 a hour. I charge £17, I do consider £25 to be very much the top end.

    I would be looking to charge a premium to sort out a mess. Also bear in mind that this won't be repeat business as you are going to train his wife. Don't forget to charge for your training.

    It is always difficult at the beginning to pluck a figure out of the air but take your time to assess the "mess" and don't undervalue yourself.

    Good luck
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    Having only just qualified AAT are you in a position to provide training. I have had my own practice for ten years and still do not offer training to clients. I made the mistake of doing this at the start of my business.

    Training can be very lengthy and difficult depending on the experience of the individual. In my experience this is something clients are reluctant to pay for and expect you to help for free. For this reason I always suggest they contact there nearest College for SAGE or bookkeeping courses run by qualified lecturers and over a number of weeks, rather than an hour in the office which is what most clients think it takes to learn bookkeeping.
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