Becoming a bookkeeper

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Im consireing going to university, but have some accounts experience - mostly preparing accounts for sole traders/partnerships/ltd companies with no more turnover than £300k.
Now, as a part time job, I thought of becoming a bookkeeper.

Any advice would be amazing.

Would I need to work for someone?
Could I prepare the accounts from start to finish, the final accounts or would I need to hand them to a chartered accountants to be checked?

My initial idea is...

Lets take a joiner.
Hes being charged £1000 by a CAs for his yearly accounts.
I say I'll do them for £500. But he also pays the CA a much reduced amount than the £1000 because I am doing the majority of the work, but still pays the CA, say £250, for the finalising of the accounts and any complex queries.

Would it work?


  • groundy
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    Your best bet would be to carry out bookkeeping on an hourly charge and let the client sort their accounts and tax with an Accountant. Doesnt have to be CA.
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